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  • Megnosis

    We See the Unseen

    Megnosis, a compound word of Medical and Gnosis, is a medical device manufacturing company established with the goal of leading the medical field with differentiated insight.

    By developing world's first reactive-EEG technology for cognitive measurement and combining it with EEG technology, we have developed the world's best biomarker device for mild cognitive impairment (MCI), Alzheimer's disease, and Depression.


    We also developed an Integrated Diagnosis & Treatment System

    (2-in-1 system) that uses spontaneous-EEG and reactive-EEG for diagnosis and electrical stimulation for treatment. This device is a monitoring and training device that delays or prevents Alzheimer's disease and screens and alleviates mood & emotional disorder.


    We aim for innovation in diagnosis, treatment and healthcare with our unique principles and differentiated technology that others have not seen through insights on brain and human.

    • Technology

    Introducing the core technology of Megnosis.

    tCS(tDCS & tACS)

    It is a technology that activates brain cells by applying a minute electric

    current to the scalp.


    <The Originality & Uniquenes of Megnosis tCS device>

    -Integration of Diagnosis and Treatment in one device.

    -2-in-1 Device

    -Diagnosis with EEG and treatment with tCS.

    -Analyze user specific condition and personalize traning parameters.

    -Monitor treatment effect before and after training

    -Maintain optimal condition by preventing excessive stimulation and

       reinforcing insufficient stimulation.

    Neurofeedback(EEG Biofeedback)

    It is a technology that uses the body's self-regulation ability, and it is a technology

    that controls the desired brain wave state.

    It is a technology that activates the brain according to the principle of brain plasticity

    by analyzing the user's EEG and feeding back the analyzed EEG back to the user.


    It is a technology that activates brain cells by inducing  electrical currents in the cerebral cortex by applying an electromagnetic field to the head.


    It is a brain function activation technology by irradiating near-infrared rays

    on the scalp to improve blood flow in the cortex.


    We will be happy to answer your inquiries.



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